Time flies when you are having fun with 2 crazy kids. Caroline is almost 3 months now and changing every day. Below are some pics of her 1st and 2nd month pics. She will play a game with you if you coo with her, she will try to mimic your sounds and start to smile and laugh. It’s so cute to see. She follows Hudson has he moves around the room and thinks he is hilarious.  It is the cutest thing to watch as a parent.


1 month old


Happy New Year 2016!


We had a photo shoot with Katie Wilson Photography that was crazy behind the scene but we got some amazing photos. This lady knows her stuff.

2016_01_Caroline1month_005 2016_01_Caroline1month_006 2016_01_Caroline1month_009 2016_01_Caroline1month_013-2 2016_01_Caroline1month_015-2 2016_01_Caroline1month_016 2016_01_Caroline1month_018 2016_01_Caroline1month_023 2016_01_Caroline1month_027 2016_01_Caroline1month_028 2016_01_Caroline1month_030 2016_01_Caroline1month_032 2016_01_Caroline1month_035-2


New Year’s we stayed home, had friends over for football playoofs, and celebrated aunt Emily’s and Stacey’s birthdays in January. We added in a snowstorm to remember in Richmond and packing for a short trip to DC. This mama is tired and not sure if she is ready for work yet.

IMG_20160122_120511 IMG_20160122_131317 IMG_20160122_132135 IMG_20160122_132252 IMG_20160122_132444 IMG_20160122_132533

Our DC trip was cold, fun and we got to catch up with friends and family.  Meanwhile I haven’t been taking too many pictures because I am enjoying the moments or let’s be honest holding my little girl.

IMG_20160131_105030 IMG_20160130_102826 IMG_20160130_205902 IMG_20160131_105022 IMG_20160131_105030